About Us

Granity Impex is a fast growing global sourcing, consultancy & trading/indenting company in Pakistan. We are serving clients in the USA, Canada, Europe and GCC. Our services include sourcing suppliers, arranging meetings, buyer/supplier communication, order negotiation, buyer specification control.


Dental Instruments


Future Products


Supplier Sourcing

Granity Impex offer its services to their foreign principals, representing them as a Buyer Agent in Pakistan. We work with suppliers who are from major industrial groups with vertical set-ups who are well equipped to handle your inquiry with a strong financial background. These suppliers are selected are selected through our vigorous evaluation process.

We are constantly assessing manufacturing and management capabilities of suppliers by evaluation of plant, machinery and equipment, as well as labor skills, social compliance, financial strength and management style of the company.

We have developed a wide base of suppliers to serve your specific needs on your behalf.


We leave no stone unturned. With strict SOP’s our quality control team visit the manufacturing site at various stages of the production cycle to ensure your order is conforming with your specifications. A final inspection will be done when your goods are ready for shipment.


Logistics Support

We work diligently and communicate with the buyer and forwarding agents for timely shipments such as, checking/tracking shipping documents, freight consolidation and coordination of all parties involved. This cooperation results in reducing unnecessary demurrage charges. We issue inspection certificates to enable our supplier to negotiate documents with their banks.